Weight Loss Strategies For Adults Over 50

Who knew so many things would change on the very day we turn 50. Suddenly we can no longer read anything in small print, wrinkles show up around our eyes and mouth, and in addition, we can’t lose a pound. Obviously this is a bit of an exaggeration, but losing weight does get harder over 50. Why is this, and what can you do about it? These weight loss strategies for adults over 50 may help!

Eat More Protein

Aging causes our metabolism to slow, leading to easier weight gain. However, eating more protein can help to reverse the decline in metabolism. In fact, the CDC tells us most adults only get 16% of their food intake from protein.

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Make protein about 30 – 40% of your diet and therefore your plate. In addition to boosting metabolism, you will build muscle. A study in 2017 found that eating an equal amount of protein in all three meals is linked to more muscle strength in adults over the age of 67. Add an egg or yogurt to your morning meal and a handful of nuts or a glass of milk at mid-day.

Get More ZZZs

Being sleep deprived causes your body to increase certain hormones making you feel hungry. Keep your bedtime schedule consistent by going to bed at the same time each night. Turn off devices at least an hour before bed, keep the room cool and dark, and no caffeine after dinner.

Break The Mindless Eating Habit

Stressed? Aren’t we all? When we are stressed, we can find ourselves mindlessly snacking through the day, raiding the refrigerator at night, and always looking for the next sweet treat or alcoholic beverage. Break the mindless eating habit and you’ll improve your metabolism.

Break the habit by eating slowly, putting your fork down between bites, and chew slowly. Try these other tips for additional help.

Try Body Building

Yes, you can do it! Get some hand held weights, lift weights and do some strength training to increase muscle mass. It helps to reduce fat, boost your metabolism, and burn calories.

Get Up And Move

This is especially important for anyone with a job that involves sitting at a desk all day. Take a walk at lunchtime. Track your daily steps with a pedometer or Fitbit. Burning more calories than you take in is critical to a weight loss strategy for adults over 50. If you aren’t sure how to begin a “get up and more” routine, try these silver sneaker ideas.

Some other important weight loss strategies for adults over 50 include the following tips:

  • Cook more meals at home
  • Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Skip convenience and processed foods
  • Stay hydrated every day, all day
  • Get enough fiber from potatoes, spinach, and bananas

Even though a few more lines may appear on your face, you can develop positive strategies to win the weight loss challenge when you are over 50.

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