Bariatric Surgery Comeback Tool Kit Program


We are excited that you have chosen Advanced Surgical Weight Loss Center to help you reclaim your healthier lifestyle by utilizing your “surgical tool” properly.

It is the goal of all of our staff to assist you with the excellent expertise in a comprehensive and caring manner. We will be using nutritional, fitness and emotional support throughout the process so that we can be sure that we address all of your needs.​

In addition you must make a commitment to follow your goal setting for success.


The Advanced Surgical Weight Loss Team

Your desire to improve your health and well-being is what brought you to Bariatric surgery to begin with. And we are glad that you are coming to us for help with your weight issues. Bariatric surgery patients are different in that we have a tool within to help control our weight when we support it through our choices.

You may have heard these ideas before. You may not have. In either case, we want you to embrace these concepts and implement them into your life. Bariatric surgery is a journey with loss and gain; we want to help you lose the weight and gain lifestyle changes.

It is often difficult for those who have struggled with their weight to be honest with themselves. Especially when we may have integrated old (bad) habits back into our lives. But it is important to see those errors to make important and necessary changes.

“I don’t have time to exercise.”

“It’s too hard/expensive/time-consuming to make meals at home.”

“This high-sugar, high-calorie, processed snack is okay. I deserve it because I had a good/bad day.”

Any of this sound familiar? Those habits that lead us to obesity can lead us back.

But There is Hope!

By participating in this program, you are gifting yourself with better habits that can lead you to SUCCESS! So…​

  • Be honest.
  • Be focused.
  • Be committed.

You CAN do this!

This program is a structured 12 weeks program to enable patients having had bariatric surgery to regain the use of their tool.  Patients will be working with our Physicians, Dietitian, Fitness Trainer and Mental Health Professional during their program.  Please call or email our office if you are interested in scheduling your first consultation.

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