Our Surgeons

Dr. Touilatos

John G. Touliatos, M.D. FACS

“My commitment as a surgeon is to provide the highest quality care with the most effective and progressive means available. Minimally-invasive techniques now allow us to perform complex surgeries with excellent outcome and minimal discomfort. This advance in medicine elevates the standard of care for surgery and has motivated me to advance in this area. I am very thankful to be a part of a group of surgeons who desire excellence in all things as I do. The physicians and staff share my beliefs and goals and we look confidently to the future as we advance together.”

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Barton S. Wood, MD

Barton S. Wood, MD

“As a child I loved watching MASH on TV, to see the dedication to saving lives in all sorts of situations. I decided I wanted to be a doctor and never lost the desire. Being a doctor is unlike any other career I could ever imagine. God has provided me with the desire and the faith to help people and provided me with the skills necessary. My passion for performing surgery in the least invasive manner has led me to a more minimally invasive and robotic practice. I am thankful to be given the opportunity to work with a group of dedicated physicians who strive to do their very best in helping patients.”

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Timothy Christopher MD

Timothy Christopher, MD, FACS

““At an early age, I felt called to the field of Medicine to fill a strong desire to make a difference.  I fell in love with Surgery as I progressed thru my medical training, being impressed with surgeon’s technical skill, demand for excellence, and witnessed procedures that erased illness and transformed patients’ lives.  A lasting impression that remains is witnessing the trust patients place in a physician’s hands and the special bond that forms when engaging in patient care.  I pledge to honor that trust patients place in me, to be their advocate ensuring the highest standards of surgical care guided by compassion and respect.  It is by God’s grace and blessings that have brought me to this place, and as a follower of Christ, it is my privilege to pray for and with patients as we place our ultimate trust in the Great physician who is the creator and sustainer of life. “

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Andrew Frey, DO

Andrew Frey, DO

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G. Blaine Bishop, Jr., M.D. FACS FASCRS

G. Blaine Bishop, Jr., M.D. FACS FASCRS CWSP

​“As a child with asthma, I quickly learned of the power to heal possessed by my pediatrician. This awareness, coupled with a life-long fascination with human anatomy/physiology, led to my choice of surgery as a career. I believe that God is honored by excellence in the operating room and by compassionate care of people as individuals. It is exciting for me to have the privilege of helping others and to do so with the assistance and encouragement of trustworthy, partners and staff.”

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