Talking About Your Weight Loss Surgery To Loved Ones

You’ve finally made the important decision to take control of your weight and ultimately your health. You have completed all the research and chosen the surgeon to perform your weight loss surgery. Now the question is: should you tell anyone? Talking about your weight loss surgery to loved ones is your choice.

Woman discussing weight loss surgery with family.

To Tell Or Not To Tell

This is a highly personal surgery, and maybe you only want to confide in your spouse/partner, or your best friend. There is no rule you must tell anybody. It’s your decision. 

If You Decide To Tell

Confiding in others about your surgery is your personal choice, and maybe you want to keep it to a minimum amount, or perhaps you want to tell the world. 

You have a number of choices like: who to tell, when to tell them (before or after), and how much to tell.

Do what’s best for you and decide what you need. 

  • Do you need the support system?
  • Can you handle negative responses?
  • Will they support you afterward and the changes you will need to make?

Doing The Talking

When you do decide to tell someone, it’s important to be concise and direct. Speak in a way they know you mean it. Be sure they understand you are not asking for their opinion. You are stating a fact. 

Be thorough when telling them the amount of research you did prior to making your decision. Be clear they understand why you chose Advanced Surgeons, P.C..

Explain that having weight loss surgery is a tool for you, not just an easy way out. You will need to change many habits to lose the weight and keep it off.  

Make them aware that you have thought through all the benefits. You will be reducing the risks of developing diabetes, sleep apnea, asthma, heart disease, arthritis, and hypertension. 

Handling The Response

Of course you want to hear, “congrats and good luck,” or “how can I help?” as a response. The more people you tell might reduce the positive responses you are hoping for. 

Stay calm, try not to be defensive, and listen to their pushback. It is most likely because they care about you. 

Consider that before you answer them. Suggest they come with you to information sessions or appointments. 

Ask for their support. 

Most importantly, stay positive.

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