How Weight Loss Surgery Can Slow Down Your Aging

We have all seen the endless before and after photos of people who have lost weight on this or that weight loss product. The one thing that is most noticeable is how much younger the person looks in the after photo. They almost look like they have turned back the clock. Now we have more proof other than our eyes. How weight loss surgery can slow down your aging.

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Our Amazing Body

You might agree that a person who has lost weight looks younger on the outside. Is there some magic way it slows down aging? Well, actually there is.

Stanford University has been doing studies about weight loss surgery. They have found the following:

  • There is a link between weight loss surgery and genetic signs of aging.
  • Although a healthy lifestyle can help to improve our lifespan by strengthening our heart and muscles, weight loss surgery works at a genetic level.
  • Weight loss surgery reduces the genetic signs of aging.

What Are Telomeres?

Telomeres are protective chromosome caps on the end of DNA strands, or you might think of them as biomarkers of the aging process. Obesity adds to shortening these caps as it stresses our cells. Therefore, they become even shorter at a faster rate.

While these caps shorten as we age, they actually get longer (younger) in those who have had bariatric surgery.

The result is the reduction of outward signs of aging. We have brighter eyes, vibrant skin, and greater energy. You look and feel younger.

You have improved cardiovascular health, reduced pain with less stress on joints, and the elimination of Type 2 diabetes which are all tied to anti-aging benefits. You feel better physically and emotionally.

Weight Loss Surgery Is The Head Start

The foods we eat also have a powerful effect on the way we age. Advanced Surgeons, P.C. begins the next step on your journey to slowing down aging. After your weight loss surgery, they will show you exactly how to remain healthy by eating healthier foods.

You now have the head start you needed including the power and the will to minimize age-related chronic diseases.

Follow the entire plan and slow down your aging.

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