How Does Life Change After Weight Loss Surgery?

When most people consider having weight loss surgery they think of how great they will look and feel in their new bathing suit. Maybe they think about getting back into those favorite jeans which have been at the bottom of a drawer for years. It could also be a boost to their self-confidence. This is just the start! How does life change after weight loss surgery?

You Will Have Lots More Energy

When you were carrying all that extra weight, sometimes just getting off the couch was a chore. Now, you will be loaded with energy wanting to get up early and maybe take a long walk, or even go for a run. Life will feel different and so will you.

Life Will Be Less RiskyWoman pushing bike with grandchild.

What do we mean? With all the added weight, you were at a higher risk for many diseases or medical problems. Diabetes, heart attack, and stroke will be much less on your mind or be a risk factor for you now. You have eliminated many of the dangers associated with obesity.

GERD may go away completely, problems with joint pain will decrease, sleep apnea and fatty liver problems will become a thing of the past. Welcome to your new, more healthy life.

Improved Blood Sugar Levels

You may find your blood sugar level becomes normal after bariatric surgery. In fact, diabetes can go away completely.

Better Cardiovascular Health

With a new healthy weight many cardiovascular issues disappear. Bad cholesterol levels go down, and good cholesterol may increase. High blood pressure may become more controlled, all of which enhances heart health.

Sleeping Will Be Restful Again

You might have had a difficult time getting relaxing sleep before weight loss. Now that you have shed those unneeded pounds, you will fall asleep easier and be able to comfortably sleep through the night.

Simple Things Will Get Easier

Everyday simple movements will get easier after weight loss surgery. What do we mean?

  • Getting in and out of a car
  • Putting on pants each day
  • Getting in and out of chairs
  • Putting on socks and tying your shoes
  • Bending over to pick something up

You Will Live Longer

Weight loss surgery can decrease your risk of premature death by 30 to 40%. Those who were extremely obese may decrease their risk of premature death by 89%.

You Will Enjoy Your Life More

With your increased mobility, energy, self-esteem, independence, and social interactions, life will become a joyous experience.

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