How Bariatric Surgery Can Actually Save You Money

Are you still on the dieting-go-round? You know, the endless weight loss diets and foods delivered to your home that are supposed to make you lose weight before the summer, or the “now’s the time to lose that weight” mantra. Do you exercise and do everything they tell you to do, yet, the pounds remain in place? When nothing changes, you feel guilty and get depressed. Sound familiar? Maybe you considered bariatric surgery (for a second) deciding it was more than you could afford. Let us help you rethink that decision—bariatric surgery can actually save you money.

Start Adding It Upbefore and after bariatric surgery.

Let’s look at the situation from another angle. Instead of starting with what the surgery will cost, instead, keep a running tab on what you spend now vs how that will change after bariatric surgery.

A One Time Fee vs Weight Loss Plans

Advertised weight loss plans are not cheap. You may lose some weight, but it seems to find its way back onto your body when you stop eating the food. You begin to rely on them like an addict.

Add up the costs of how many months or even years, you have continued to pay them money. Surely it’s in the thousands.

Your Weekly Grocery Bills Will Be Reduced

Once you have weight loss surgery, you won’t be eating as much as you were. There will be less room in your stomach making your bills go down.

Your Wasted Dollars on Restaurants Will Change

If you were someone who loved eating out, bariatric surgery will help you save those inflated dinner prices. You may find you become more scrupulous about what you eat and how much when dining out.

You will note the calories and fat in certain entrees and pass on those dishes. You can probably split meals with your dining partner, saving you even more money! After all, everyone needs a treat now and again.

Serious Improvements in Healthcare

Obese and overweight adults are prone to developing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and heart disease. Let’s not forget back pain and sleep apnea. All these health issues are associated with being overweight, and treating them costs big bucks. Not only will you save that money in the long run, but even more importantly, you will live longer.

A Happier, More Confident You

Once you shed the weight for good, suddenly you are happier, more confident, and productive. This includes your social life as well as your career. More opportunities may present themselves.

Now What?

Go back and rethink bariatric surgery. Compare what you will spend once vs all the other expenditures without the surgery. You will probably discover, bariatric surgery can actually save you money… and make you happier.

What’s not to like? Plus, you may even be able to finance bariatric surgery with Care Credit or other plans.

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