Going Back To Work After Weight Loss Surgery

You finally tackled that unhealthy weight problem you have had for years and got weight loss surgery. You are proud of yourself, and are ready to get back to living your life. Before you jump right in to your past activities, it’s important to learn how to go back to work after weight loss surgery.

Easing Back Into Workwoman working from home

Many doctors recommend that a patient wait at least 1-2 weeks if they had lap band surgery and 2-4 weeks for gastric sleeve or bypass types of surgery before returning to their work environment. This refers to desk jobs and light work, whereas someone who has a job requiring heavy lifting or any strenuous activity should wait 6 weeks to return.

Weight loss surgery is major surgery and you should follow all directions from DOCTOR.

Be Open With Your Employer And Coworkers

If you want to be supported by work associates after your surgery, take them into your confidence and tell them what is happening and how they can help. Most people will want to be encouraging when asked in the right way.

Explain to your boss that weight loss surgery improves and even resolves heart conditions, some types of diabetes, and even decreases death from cancer. Having less pain in the knees, hips, neck and other joints makes for a more healthy and dependable employee.

Let them know about your “non-negotiable” foods, especially at the beginning. They may not eliminate all those lunch time birthday cakes and happy hour enticements, but they might reduce them somewhat (or hide them from you).

Staying on track with your diet will be formidable at first. Take advantage of all the help you can get.

Find Ways To Stay On Track With Exercise

Sitting behind a desk all day won’t get you moving, so be creative with your time. Take walks during your lunch hour, use a stand up desk if possible, walk up and down the stairs instead of taking the elevator are all ways to keep active after weight loss surgery.

Stress Never Goes Away

It’s how you handle stress that matters. The same stressful job you had before surgery will still be there after. Decide how you can prepare for it as well as deal with it. Investigate stress management techniques, research online tips for relaxation, take up yoga, or exercise to help relieve the tension.

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