Can Hernia Surgery Help With Weight Loss?

Hernias are common among people over the age of 50 and especially those who are overweight or obese. A hiatal hernia is one of these common hernias. It occurs in the esophagus when a portion of the stomach pushes up into the diaphragm, the muscle wall in the abdominal cavity. Sometimes it has no symptoms, but being overweight can result in many uncomfortable issues. Let’s discover, can hernia surgery help with weight loss?

What Are Symptoms of a Hernia?

A hernia is a hole, tear, or other type of damage that happens in a muscle which result in a bulge.

You will experience symptoms typically if you are overweight or obese.

They can include:

A hiatal hernia can be managed with diet and lifestyle changes to minimize acid production in the stomach, however, it will not go away on their own. When the symptoms become too severe and don’t improve with medications and better habits, surgery is needed. 

What Can Cause Weight Loss After Hernia Surgery?

There are numerous reasons why someone loses weight after hernia surgery. 

Many doctors may suggest a special diet before and after surgery.

During recovery, a patient may not eat or drink anything until Advanced Surgeons, P.C. gives clearance that they can swallow safely.woman holding tape measure around waist. In addition, there is normally a loss of appetite after surgery.

Patients typically begin a liquid diet to minimize stress on the surgical site.

It can take several days to progress to soft foods, and then more time to return to a normal diet.

During this time patients can lose several pounds.

In addition, during surgical recovery patients are less active and require less calories. The metabolism also slows down leading to some weight loss.

It’s possible the surgery reduced the size of the stomach making the patient feel fuller with less food. This can also lead to gradual weight loss over time.

A Caution

Rapid weight loss is not recommended. It is better to make healthy changes on a gradual basis. This slow and steady weight loss provides more lasting results.

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