A Message To Our Valued Patients

During these times and always, our duty is to protect you and provide you all with a safe environment for your healthcare needs. In light of COVID-19, we have taken all state mandated precautions and are constantly following the CDC to ensure we are making the right decisions.

With that said, we understand that there may be differing opinions, and we empathize with each and every individual due to that. We will always make adjustments as needed, and will certainly do what we can to make you feel comfortable.

We pride ourselves on taking our reviews very seriously, especially those that come from patients. However, we understand that those that are not patients may make a biased assumption which could lead to false statements on social media and review platforms, which is what we are experiencing currently. We always push for our patients to communicate directly with us about their concerns as it helps us to become a better practice.

Our reputation matters, and we hope that you all understand our care for you and your safety. You have our devotion!

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