Grandview Medical Center


A healing environment designed and built with the patient experience in mind. Medical teams dedicated to clinical excellence and compassionate care. A history of serving the community that spans half a century – and long into the future.

Grandview Medical Center will be one of the most technologically advanced hospitals in the country. Surgical suites outfitted with robotic and microscopic technologies. Patient rooms designed to maximize healing and minimize disturbances. State of the art imaging that allows to physicians to examine a patient’s organs and systems using the least invasive techniques available.

This hospital is the future of healthcare.

As this technologically advanced medical center is brought to life, it is founded on a 50-year tradition of clinical excellence and commitment to high-quality patient care. Nationally recognized hospital services, dedicated clinical teams, patient centered care delivery and the faith-based legacy of Trinity Medical Center are cornerstones on which the new hospital is built.


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